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Our Founder and Weaving Wizardress:

Jessica Cline


Jessica Cline Loom & Lavender

I began my crafting journey with knitting. My first foray began with a simple idea to knit myself a hat.  My Grandma has been a knitter since I could remember and I wanted to make something she would be proud of.  After a few failed attempts, I finally made something we were both proud of.  I was hooked!  I spent hours reading books from our local used book store here in North Park, and I found a very good friend in YouTube!  What really inspired me though, was the incredible nature of the yarn itself.  There are so many beautiful colors and textures handcrafted by stunning Peruvian women that meticulously fabricate this luscious material from one of the most adorable animals in the world - Alpacas! 
When I entered the crafting community here in San Diego, I loved meeting the other fiber nerds and rooting out the most amazing yarn possible.  After working to hone my skills and relishing in my new found hobby of yarn collecting, my favorite shop in all of San Diego offered an introductory weaving class.  Could this be another way to decompress from my day job as an OR Nurse AND be another excuse to buy more yarn?!  Sign me up!  So off to class I went.  The instructor turned out to be the sweetest weaver babe (elevated yarn nerd) and I was hooked...again!  I came home, finished my first weaving, made another in the two days that followed, all knowing that I wanted more.  I purchased the largest loom I could find and the rest is history, as they say. 
I love this creative outlet so much, and it is something that I simply have never experienced before in my life.  Being part of our current makers movement is extra special to me.  Supporting others in their creative processes as they support me is extremely rewarding, and it is what gave me the courage to finally turn professional and open my own shop.  A storefront that focuses on community, creativity and something that we could do with more of in our world, a handcrafted treasure made with love.
When I'm not weaving, I'm spending time with my wonderful husband, Fletcher, in our little home in South Park, San Diego.  We have two pups: a miniature dachshund who believes she runs the house and that yarn skeins make great pillows, and a sweet black and tan mixed breed gal who is happy to sleep under my chair while I work.
My parting words to all of you is, Thank You.  Thank you to all my friends and family for the love and support as I embark on this crazy new journey I never saw coming.
With Gratitude,