Air Plant Care

Air plants are also known as tillandsias in plant circles.  They are a fairly low maintenance plant once you find the right location and routine for them.  And they can be quite rewarding to watch grow and change.  We love these little guys!  Loom & Lavender just had their first air plant "pups" a few months ago and the plant momma in us couldn't have been more proud!  In the interest of streamlining this post for you, we will hit the highlights of tillandsia care for you.  There is a wealth of information all over the internet on their care, should you desire more information on these quirky looking plants.

  • Light: is very important.  They need BRIGHT, but filtered light. Rooms with east or south facing windows are best.
  • Watering: this is where it can get tricky, but once you find your rhythm you'll be golden. 
  • Some people mist, some soak, some do both!  (We do both here in dry SoCal.)  Your plant will let you know what it needs.  If it starts to brown on the tips, increase your watering.
  • Misting: it is best to use a fine mister used for plants as air plants are prone to root rot if they stay wet for too long.  We mist ours once a week.
  • Soaking: We soak them under my kitchen sink faucet set to a gentle spray mode for about 15 seconds (just enough to get the leaves wet) every 10-14 days.  You can accomplish the same result by soaking them in a bowl for 15 minutes or so. Make sure to gently shake off excess water to prevent root rot.  You can also dry them upside down on a paper towel.  I have found that soaking them under the kitchen faucet, instead of a bowl, works best.  It is easier and you are much less likely to forget when something is easy.
  • Some people have beautiful, naturally lit bathrooms, and those make great spaces for air plants due to the increased humidity.


Please remember that getting your wall hanging wet can damage the integrity, please always water your air plant away from the weaving.