Unboxing Your Weaving

Quick Directions:

  • Carefully unbox your weaving.
  • If needed, use a garment steamer to solve little wrinkles from shipping (only on the back of the weaving)
  • Unwrap your airplant.
  • Give that little lovely a soak.
  • Check below for more intensive directions. 


More involved directions:


Meticulous care was taken in packaging your new handmade woven piece safely.  We take great pride in the fact that all packaging is recyclable or reusable!  Our packing slips are printed on tree-free sugar cane waste fiber that is carbon neutral and recyclable.  Boxes and packing materials are made from 100% recycled materials.  And all packing tape and stickers are printed on recyclable paper.

Even though great care is taken in boxing, wrinkling can occur.  Especially to the fringe.  The easiest and safest way to relax this is with a garment steamer.  A garment steamer can also be used on the body of a weaving, but should only be used on the back of the weaving (the rougher back part of the design) very lightly.

When unwrapping air plants, take care not to damage the leaves.  The air plants will be perfectly healthy in transit for several days and will have been watered before shipping.  After taking your air plant out of its wrap, you should give it a short soak (in a small bowl, place the plant with enough water to cover it main leaves) and let it dry.  For the first 24 hours do not have your new plant in extremely bright conditions to allow it to acclimate.